How to floss

Daily flossing is very important.  Its one of the most important things that one can do to ensure good dental hygiene.  It is important because it remove plaque between your teeth and gums.  Personally, for me, flossing with my hands is not very easy.  The most common method is to cut a 12 inch length of floss.  Then pull the floss tight using your two hands and then guide the floss between your teeth and gently zig zag them back and forth.  Side the floss up and down against your tooth to remove any plaque or food caught between your teeth.

If you notice it is very hard to get the floss between your teeth, that is a sign that you have not been flossing regularly.  Gradually, it will get easier as you floss.  The more you floss the easier it will get.  Now for me, I buy a floss handle and use it similar to a tooth brush.  I place it inside my month and guide the floss between my teeth.  Its really helpful.  If you can’t do it manually ask your dentist or go to the local CVS and see the available flossing tools available.  Any of those flossing products will help you get the job done.  Just keep at it as it will help keep your dental hygiene up to par and more importantly save you money on your dental insurance.