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Ways to protect your teeth for Florida citizens is discuss in our Protection category for dental insurance.

Preventing teeth sensitivity

Many individuals are suffering from teeth sensitivity. In some cases this is because of whitening solutions that they apply on their teeth. For other of a particular age, it is caused by receding of the gum lines. This exposes the dentin that is covered by cementum when exposed causes teeth sensitivity.  There are also nerve cells contained within the pulp of a tooth. If the enamel is weak or missing, it can cause immense levels of sensitivity.

There are many ways to prevent teeth sensitivity. The first thing that you need to do is consider the types of products that you are using for your oral hygiene. Like the brushes that you use, the type of products that you use for your teeth can affect your teeth negatively. So make sure that you use a soft bristle brush. Hard bristles may actually crack and wear away the enamel. Make sure that you gently brush your teeth. Applying low pressure can prevent teeth sensitivity.

Next thing that you need to consider is the food that you eat. Choosing the right foods can help not only for your health but also help to prevent teeth sensitivity. Several foods contain acids that damage the enamel and cause of sensitivity.

Dental treatments and other procedures are very effective and helpful to maintain good oral hygiene. But, they can cause teeth sensitivity. You should always use toothpastes and mouthwashes that are considered nonabrasive. You can consult with your dentist when it comes to these matters. They can provide you with the best brands that can help you with your sensitive teeth.

The last thing is to change your life style. Smoking and drinking can damage you teeth and affect the color that it has. So you should strongly consider making changes to your life for your overall health.

How to floss

Daily flossing is very important.  Its one of the most important things that one can do to ensure good dental hygiene.  It is important because it remove plaque between your teeth and gums.  Personally, for me, flossing with my hands is not very easy.  The most common method is to cut a 12 inch length of floss.  Then pull the floss tight using your two hands and then guide the floss between your teeth and gently zig zag them back and forth.  Side the floss up and down against your tooth to remove any plaque or food caught between your teeth.

If you notice it is very hard to get the floss between your teeth, that is a sign that you have not been flossing regularly.  Gradually, it will get easier as you floss.  The more you floss the easier it will get.  Now for me, I buy a floss handle and use it similar to a tooth brush.  I place it inside my month and guide the floss between my teeth.  Its really helpful.  If you can’t do it manually ask your dentist or go to the local CVS and see the available flossing tools available.  Any of those flossing products will help you get the job done.  Just keep at it as it will help keep your dental hygiene up to par and more importantly save you money on your dental insurance.

Dental Nutrition

Having good dental nutrition is important to every one of all ages in Florida.  A complete oral health routine includes good nutritional habits.  Good exercise habits and eating good healthy foods that is good for the entire body will be good for your teeth and gums.  Living in Florida, we are blessed with good weather so it makes it easy for us to get out, exercise and enjoy the sun.

Eating and drinking dairy products like milk, will provide a good source of calcium and vitamin D to build strong teeth and bones.  Breads and cereals supply the body Vitamin B which supplies your body with iron for good blood flow which is important for growth.  Being in the orange state, the citizens of Florida have access to fresh fruits and vegatables.  Fruits and vegetables provide Vitamin C which helps keeps your gums healthy.  Lean meat, fish, and chicken are a good source of iron and protein, magnesium and zinc.  So when it all comes down to it, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure a healthy body and teeth.  It will help you reduce your need for an expense dental insurance plan and costly dental visits.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is a fatal cancer that afflicted the senior citizen population of Florida.  Only half of all patients diagnosed with oral cancer survive more than five years after being diagnosed.  Therefore it is very important that you get checked regularly by your dentists.  You can also be proactive on your end.  Check for white or red spot or sore in your mouth.  You will also need to be carefully examined by a dentist in all areas of your mouth.  If you suspect or find anything be sure to let your dentist know.  Oral cancer often start off an a tiny unnotice thing and gradually get worse.  That is why it is important that our Florida sensor citizens get proper dental insurance to ensure that they have a dentist to regular examine and treat them.  Don’t take this lightly.

Mouth guard

Using a mouth guard is an important way to protect your children’s teeth when they are playing sports.  Mouth guard should not be limited to children as both children and adults need to wear a mouth guard if they are playing contact sports like football, boxing, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and other physically contact sports – as these sport can cause a potential risk of injury to your mouth. Wear a mouth guard will helps protect your teeth.  Many people have suffered from getting their teeth knocked out playing sports and its not cheap to visit the dentist to fix those problem.  And did I mention the pain involved.  Mouth guards are also affective for those that grind their teeth at nights.  You can have your dentist help you get fitted with your mouth guard or do it yourself.  Its very easy actually.  All  you need to do is heat it up in hot water, and then place it in your mouth after it has cool down somewhat and bite down on it and hold it in your mouth for at least 1 minute to mold the mouth guard to the dimensions of your mouth and that is it.